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The beginning of the countdown of the sliske combination

Whenever gielinor around the nomads, the fabric was most certainly dangerous. This time, he tried to use energy gielinor all the souls of the dead. In this new exploration, travel to the afterlife, with the death of an ally, surrounded by his castle, and stopped in its tracks of madness.

But your path won't be the set. What do you need to make some tough choices? What is your connection to the sliske's score card, the evil mahjarrat crazy game? There is only one way to find...

getting started:South of the edgeville portal to the souls of the west coast of the island. Where to start the task with zimberfizz.

requirement:You must be a member of Buy RS Gold the lake.

You must be in the following skill level 75: carpentry. Mining. Construction.

You must have the task complete refund encountered thieves, powerful, blank stare, a nomadic Requiem, miscellanea, hard hearted throne.

recommend:High combat and equipment are very good, strongly recommended to the master of the problem of exploration. Fans of MMORS RS Gold the legend may all grew deep, although it sleep before seeking Guthix.

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