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The blessings of elves for treasure hunter

Blessings and extra Runescape Gold COINS or treasure hunter bonus XP awards this weekend, thanks to a mysterious elves. A treasure hunter's chest from Friday's August 22 to August 25, (Monday) that have the opportunity to blessing by elves. During this period, you have won, when using a fallen star or any lamp with a genie appears to give you a chance to wish happiness!

If Karima elves, when you use a lamp or star, she will give you the blessing of your choice of the following:

Blessing of freedom - select this option to get bonus XP in the skills of your choice.Blessing of fate - this wish will grant your bonus XP a random skills (not including skills, you have a level 99), but the bonus rewards will be when the choice of free will bless more than twice as likely to receive the prize.The blessings of wealth - select this option, Karima will reward you Runescape Gold COINS.

This blessing would you choose?

Filed on Friday August 22, the treasure hunter between the lid of the tank in 00:00 GMT and 23:59 GMT on Monday, August 25 win the lamp and the stars, may lead to bless them.

Everyone has at least one key every day, and in RuneScape members get two!You'll also be able to get your hand more is through the game - only need to access the wiki to find out how, and at the same time to know more about the treasure hunter.You can also get more button is through the website to buy them, save Bondsin games, or simply choose "buy", when you are in a treasure hunt.

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