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The bot of runescape

Refers to a third-party software bots, online games and more on the Internet is based on a client / server model. the server program running on a server in the game, the game in which the designers created a huge game room, players can run around client program while logged into the game. Simply put, online game is actually a game by the game developers environment, and the players in this environment is relatively free and open to the game action. Well, since the server in the network game with this concept, we used traditional methods to modify the game becomes helpless. Remember our stand-alone version of the game, want to search through the memory to modify the role of the various properties, which in the network game would not serve any purpose. Because we are in the network game the role of the various properties and a variety of important data are stored on the server, in our own machine just shows the role of the state, so by modifying the client memory about the role of the various properties are not realistic. So if we have no way to modify the network game to achieve our purpose? The answer is "no."


In addition to modifying the game packets to achieve the purpose of modifying the game, we can modify the client about the procedure to meet our requirements. We know that each server's computing power is limited, especially in the game, the game server to calculate the status of all players in the game is almost impossible, so there are some operators still have to rely on our clients to complete, so that gave us modify the game provides some convenient. For example, we can program the client to discover some of the procedures shelling judgment branches, by tracking the commissioning we can put some judgments against us remove, modify the game in order to meet our needs.Plug the most original game concept is: a way to automatically hang up the game of third-party software components, which allows players to play the game you can not personally make the character automatically upgraded.


Aslo, in runescape somebody use bot to get RS Gold and items fast.

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The world of the Runescape
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