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The bounty hunter PVP and Deathmatch

Well, I'd like to introduce you some updates to PVP arena in the near future: Deathmatch and bounty hunter. These two designs and posted in the following, we are eager to Buy RS Gold hear your feedback and we have planned for you.

Death Race

Welcome to death competition


Death is a safe and no death in all fields, occurring in the crucible. Up to 30 players will join the arena, they all have 10 minutes to kill as many other people as possible. Once the game is over, the player will receive a bonus point according to how they will perform in combat. These bonus points can be used in a reward store for non traded items, which will help speed up the PVP for entry level.

Enter the game

Waiting Area

Death will replace the crucible arena. To fight to the death, the use of the Edgeville trap door is transferred to the waiting area, which is a floating crucible above the stage.

This is a decentralized region, which means that all the world's doors will be transferred to everyone's single world similar to the clan portal. Waiting for the island to have:

A door back to Edgeville

A bank

Registered board of directors

Only two brackets, above the combat level 100 and below the combat level 100. Those who are below the level of combat 100 can join. After signing the contract, the player can immediately join the game or wait for the next game. There should be more time to fight than wait for Buy Runescape Gold Deathmatch.

In useful fixes and improvements into the game loaded patch week
Wilderness activities for
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