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The bounty hunter PVP game mechanism and Deathmatch

At the beginning of the game, the player will be sent to the stage in the middle of the random. They will be able to see each other and a countdown will appear on the screen. In this countdown, the players are protected from attacks, shock and restraint. As long as the countdown is complete, all players will be shocked by the United Nations at the same time, you can attack each other.

The race will last for 10 minutes. A kill is killed by a player on the stage. Who does the most harm to the player will be awarded to kill. All other players hurt more than a threshold value that was granted a help kill in the arena with the power to help players do better to kill most of the other players may be at a given time.

When a player dies, they live in four areas of bank in the cauldron will have a bank, a bandage supplies tables and slot into the arena in a random exit slit it would give the immunity within a short time, to prevent camping in the gap.

At any point the player can leave the game to use the exit slot, will take them to the bank area once in the bank area there is another gap, will take you back to the waiting area.If you want to learn more information about Buy Runescape Gold,Glad to see you come to our website

Mining and forging rework extension
The design document bounty hunter PVP and Deathmatch
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