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The cathedral and Dardan live video streams

We will continue to be in this week's special guest complications have two seasons cracking real-time data flow for your viewing pleasure. Lord kirk is an old, but no matter what you play RUNESCAPE, if this is you want to miss. Kirk's JinQu created on presentation, we have already seen one of the best game environment. He has prizes, songs, tattoo RUNESCAPE rich, if the person did not get his guitar, I'll eat my crown.

Game players, time, YouTube users and cropping patterns complete cloak owner, Dardan knew his Runescape, on Saturday he will celebrate hit 30 k YouTube users to provide a 3 hours, the events of PvM. Dardan Kalphite king will take country, tall guy, Vorago. But, hey! Don't worry, pacifist! For you to have some test and prizes will win all the bloody violence between.

You can find out more about live streaming media and complications we feature of the official thread. Finally, congratulations to all the last weekend of the winners and a huge thanks to saber six and RSMurderer was such a great host last weekend.

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