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The first club last chance for mmors

The Premier League club's last opportunity to RS Gold test access to the bonus NXT

Time is not much, join the Premier League club members enjoy the limit. You have to UTC 23:59 (game time) in January 31st to join.

Premier League club grants you access to 2016 members, including inventions, God of War II Dungeon 2 and sliske endgame also you bag a lot of games in the unique gift. These include the battle and the sacred position of the halo, the limited edition cosmetic coverage, stunning mahjarrat equipment (gold member) and retro transmission animation.

Go to the prime minister: Additional tests to access the NXT Premier League club

Go gold can also visit the NXT client game Beta weekend bonus. Play a new client in front of anyone!

Extra runemetrics Pro discount: MMORS RS Gold members can also be half price when you upgrade to runemetrics pro - advanced XP tracking and real time data game, launched in February!

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