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The first quest of the Sixth Age in Runescape 3 is started

The gods in RuneScape are returned and not hesitate for a moment to gain the inhabitants of Gielinor using their powerful influence for themselves! Since the launch of RuneScape 3 last month Jagex has lost no time in presenting the fans now the first quest for the new Unopened era: The end of chivalry. It is together with the heroic Sir Owen to sneak into the fortress of the dreaded Black Knight and there, to locate a mysterious artifact on behalf of the powerful god Saradomin.

In addition to numerous mysteries await the adventurous and serious decisions that should be taken with caution, as these have far-reaching consequences in the game world. Members can also look forward to some special rewards after passing the quest, such as a complete set of matching objects, generous portions of Prayer and Combat EP and much more rs gold. The adventure can be used by all players in attack, as there are no special requirements and the difficulty level is automatically adapted to the level of the players.

Acquiring rs gold is far better resolution to upgrate level
Knowledge of Summoning combat in Runescape
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