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The first top RUNESCAPE trump card bag launched

A game of CARDS is really cool! People of all ages can sit down and enjoy exciting game CARDS together, and there are few popular and well-known top aces. As fantastic top ace is that they have a remarkable lack of Gielinor!

In winning the mobile partnership, we launched the first top RUNESCAPE trump card bag, and it is about the theme "monster" RUNESCAPE. However, there are so many great men to choose from. We will need your help to determine who will appear in our top ace card deck. 15 words CARDS have been chosen, and RUNESCAPE will certainly in the package.

More than 30 monsters will fight every day in a member's vote in the next 15 days. Winners will make it our top ace deck, and the losers will be stay in envy pool fermentation.

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