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The general improvement of fishing and logging

Additional allowances, which will help (or hinder) the possibility of your fishing and logging might also increase. How to enhance the tool can transfer log directly to your bank's voice? A fishing rod, also reward other players to stand in the near you? All the people will be found, so the invention!

You will also get new tools to enhance the project experience and the level of equipment, as if they were enhanced weapon. They also use significantly less than the cost of mmors your invention of weapons.

Today's update also allows some wholesale for the improvement of the invention, including: the charge drain has reduced the 10% of all, invented the siphon is equipment for dismantling and XP is now extended to project - you can get 15% XP for 90 and 70 of the 15% less, a new device - strengthening dissolver you can be deleted from the device amplification, a complete invention of updating the list, as well as other all things, including in this update, see the patch notes.

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