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The history and development

Andrew gower development river's lake, with the help of his younger brother, Paul gower.It was originally as a text-based mud, but the graphics combined with early in development, add it to what is known as "graphics" mud.The first public version of the game using a mixture of 3 d and 2 d Sprite.

This is a beta version released on January 4, 2001, and the original parents' house in Nottingham.In December 2001, gower brothers, along with ted constant, forming Jagex to take over the business aspects of running river's lake.In his early creative Jagex developed a script called RuneScript explain domain specific language, used in jianghu server for event handling.

In February 2002, the monthly membership service allows access to additional functions are introduced, including the new field, the task, the project cannot be free users.

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The historical development of Runescape
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