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The integrated skills of Runescape

The level cap and most online games each skill is similar, 99. When the game player's skills at this level, Runescape members can use ninety-nine thousand game gold to buy the corresponding technical cloak to prove this technology achievement, namely Cape of achievement, generally called skill cape as RS Gold. Zezima was the first one to get to wear all skills qualification game player.

In 2007 October, Jagex technology has increased the game player help system. Low grade in a technology on the game player to high grade game player for help. To make objects to help in the process of low grade game player can use each other's technology, help game player is obtained corresponding experience value. Reduces technique diddle trust goods liar, because it does not require the unprocessed goods to the people of high rank, there is no liar is not returned items; and reduce the difficulty of cooperation.

Experience: basically, game player each execution and skill related behavior, the skill experience will enhance the experience value, can affect the skills of the series and game player permissions. Minimum experience of each skill is 0, the highest is 200000000. The total experience all 24 skills into practice after 4800000000.

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