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The invention of new technology

The invention of gielinor is finally here and the level of science and technology will be through the roof! In the game, start adding your gear, and discover the privilege of this new elite skill.

Requirement: you must be at the 80 level, forging process.

From where to start: go to the North Falador with doctors to start their own discovery tour of the inventors association.

What is the invention? The invention is about changing your gielinor RuneScape and challenge. It's about adding and modifying your gear, adding extra benefits, giving new dimensions and possibilities. Set up a set of real equipment that really belongs to you, and ultimately overcome the difficult bosses who invent the things that give you a real edge - it's all for fun!

How do you modify the weapon to deal with the extra damage to the demon? That has a very small chance to reduce the damage of armor, only 1? Or is it a mystery to enhance Chinchompa, greatly increasing the destructive power?

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The way to Win the Dead of Chivalry
Runescape of the present invention is useful
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