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The invention of the preparation of the promotion

Head on a treasure hunt to Buy RS Gold find the ever-changing projects, will promote the development of your progress, divination and forging, let you ready invention update later this month. Or, you can now put a variety of items into another tailor you want to be able to improve - enjoy the skills!

From 00:00 UTC on May 12 to May 16 23:59 UTC in search of new you treasure hunters key, can be stacked memory, and ever-changing hidden and Protean bar - all the ingredients training needs the skills needed to unlock the invention.

Gems of the ever-changing memories,Use a variety of memory directly from your backpack with a small animation and improve the divination XP. This can be done in gielinor anywhere without a rift in the. You can also find the memories of the myriads of changes on the crate opening date of promotion of the myriads of changes!

You can now also take a variety of items to Buy Runescape Gold another based on your needs. You will receive three requests from each of you to choose the conversion.We hope you enjoy this help to push the unlock invention!

The update of the technology tree
Summer peak flow for MMORS
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