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The merchant is back

If you're not already seeing Sam's July 4th celebration, then you have the time to go near a XP drive, some of the celebration project culinary guild of Buy RS Gold his party district.

Top you go to Vitoria merchants who have a full of rare items and cosmetics, you can buy the car you do not need an additional XP.Read general patch notes and field flow information for a week!You still have a little time to enjoy the wonderful July 4th incident that took place in the Culinary Institute, Si Wheelock, until July 5th Tuesday UTC 23:59.

Sam is ready to reward you with 15% cooking XP when you light up a barbecue to celebrate his party district. His booth also has a number of unique items that you put on your hands, including free tea and toy kites.

Keep your eyes in the area of balloon drops. Pop up their chances to win a prize of choice - who would want to miss it now?

Victor's businessman is here! Let yourself in a burthorpe spot South and find and crazy people - trader Vic beard.

Members of the political arena trade bonus XP Victor until July 11th credits. Credit can be interchanged. In the Vic's store, until July 18, 00:00 UTC in for a wide variety of goods, Rune ethereal divination technical equipment including, arrows and flexible clothing, starborn diamonds from previous years to spark clothing and some summer season the theme of cosmetics and facial expressions.

So if you miss a particular outfit or just take a fancy to Buy Runescape Gold the point of view of his product, be sure to grab him and you can!

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