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The next year for mmors

We have a new year's party for you today. We are expanding the next month to become the next year. This means that in January the usual help shows the order of Buy RS Gold treatment from the rest of the year.

We are talking about the menaphos expansion, the bank rework, the pursuit we never mentioned, and a lot more.


Where to start? What about January, its theme is surprise! Everything we launched in January was kept secret. It will be a surprise update to be launched tomorrow - January 9th!

Memorial Guthix

If you are like me, you will have a special liking for Guthix, you are the end of the humiliation of the world wake up. Well, to commemorate the Guthix said it would make you a pretty good way to say goodbye.

As divination, you will occasionally receive an item in your money pouch. These are the memories of the line, you will take it with the Guthix fragments of the past, you will find the world around. This will result in so-called echoes that can be placed in their temples for small pieces and some revelations that will change the way you think Guthix is complete.

What's more, the more echoes you collect, the more you can Buy Runescape Gold choose from the negative effects. These include long strands of time from sacred sites, increased XP, some rather charming butterfly wings and more!

Memorial to Guthix is here
Complete the card up to five times
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