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The outcome of the fire no celebration

Mark promises to MOD at the end of Buy RS Gold the celebration, a surprise, it's here! If you haven't, head to the Lumbridge pit and meet the fallen nothingness.

From now to November 21st 23:59 UTC, through the battle and skills activities around the world gathered to help this guy hot embers. Note that if you are training a fire to get a higher drop rate (+ 50%) or cooking (+ 20%). You can also get through the embers of everyday challenges.

On the one hand, they unlock great rewards, including a hot new cosmetics package, gift wrap and a mysterious box.

Empty clothes

You can earn 1000 miles every day, so come back often to unlock a lot in two weeks. If you don't have time, or just want to unlock everything quickly, there's a choice to use in accelerating the runecoins booster store - you can pass on the community's seasonal event tab interface.

Once the campaign is over, nothing will continue in the other five, let you unlock rewards or you may have to exchange the mysterious box superfluous embers.

The iron man will be able to Buy Runescape Gold participate and unlock the equipment, but can not open the mysterious box, or the mysterious box superfluous embers after the event.

Treasure hunter is burning lamp
The empty throne room pre release skills
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