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The pursuit of Telles Gore

The founder of Runescape eager to play in a new free gielinor seeking a rescue of a Chinese aid. You have to risk by Gore brothers designed a wild!

At the same time, prepare for the upcoming new boss target with pre release events that will allow you to unlock the release of his keys, and now.

In addition, check for Buy RS Gold a full list of fixes and improvements that are described below this week.

The pursuit of Gore

Gore's pursuit of freedom to play.


34 pursuit point

Where to start

In their farm to Gore's brother said in Varrock magnetic heather.

Gull brother's farm

Goyle's pursuit is immersed in the lakes and the 15th anniversary of memorial day, so you may not be surprised, strange things happened this time gielinor cabbage.

Andrew, Paul and Ian really can do a brave adventurer to figure out what is going on.

There are a lot better than your daily earn some neat rewards when you join your human traffickers on a weird and wonderful journey.

Reward and position

When you put it on the other side you will select a task and some coins, with a series of unique rewards including (but not limited to) fabulous cabbagemancer equipment and personnel, pet called crisp (yes, this is a Chinese cabbage) and amazing retro login animation similar to the famous rivers and lakes in the login screen.

There's more to Buy Runescape Gold find, but we'll leave it all to you!

With Gore brothers to get a XP according to your skill level of light. A different brother will help you according to your level, but chat to all three anyway because they are cute.


MMORS introduce about Armour of Seasons
Gore is pursuit of free play
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