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The review of MMORS for one of a kind

Master task, only members can participate in. One kind is our packaging of last march's first major update: a Gielinor - span, the gate epic is the need to ask the Runescape back to its roots.

Agreed to help find Mr Mordaut Hannibus - finally - the legendary dragon knight and according to the clues that will test your wisdom and solve clues, and revealed some of the strongest and most ancient Runescape secret history of a race. You will travel around the world, found Robert lost books, and the fate of a dying man will rest in your hands.

This is a pursuit of the pursuit of lovers, there are some of the highest requirements. Also has a fantastic rewards the dragon's hoard, XP in dungeons, summon and magic, plus bonus XP in a knot, if you have already completed the Mahjarrat ceremony. Dragon knight's talisman, of all the fighting style + 4% crit and 10 bonus up to pray. It also improves your dragon's breath skill damage, and increases the dragon prayer XP gain from bury bones.

Into the celestial dragon - in a recent poll voted for a new, high level monsters, who call material, XinLong knight's armor. If you are a stubborn quester hungry good winner, don't delay - now login, and play a mstching game!

How to start it: Speak to Mr Mordaut in the basement of Varrock Museum.

Requirements: 40 divination, 67 town, 81, 74 call, the king's ransom, missing and presumed to death, the cat's tail, known all over the world, you are advised to complete the Mahjarrat ceremony. You must be able to defeat the enemy as many as 190.

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