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The runscape an temporarily increase the player's level

In order to obtain the runscape combatants to enter a mysterious staff intoxicated, you must first complete the task Scorpion Catcher. thormac Wizard, located south of the village of the viewer, will enchant your staff. The rod is Master of the of runscape another type of weapons you can buy from mage training arena with chic points. They are particularly useful because they give a decent magic attack and defense awards, and regularly with their spells automatically cast.

The stick is particularly noteworthy, you must have them in before you can move to the next in the order. For example, you can not use the wand of a beginner with a stick before. There are many drinks, syrup and other items to give a temporary boost your level. Magic and rs gold before you start using a little magic, you must collect all you need to cast Rune you want to use through the purchase of them, so that they Runecrafting with your skills against the enemy.

You should also magic items mentioned above, if you want these bonuses. Now in runscape, once you have found a target, choose your attack spell, cast by your opponent. Sometimes, when you cast a spell, he will miss your target, "splash". Your opponent does not have effect, but will need to cast the runes, you can still get a lot of experience. Similarly, when an attack spell injury, you can still gain experience base casting spells.Of course, there are other types of magic, but you must reach a high enough level to give up to buy cheap rs gold. According to the type of spell, you need to use it in a specific target. For example, you can cast spells on their own teleport enchantment magic rings and amulets. For different types of magic more information, please see the spell list.

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