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The trading System of Runescape

In order to avoid fraudster game means the transaction shows the two sides after the transaction beneficiaries, as well as the amount of benefit. Transactions in which one party withdrawing or reducing items, it will display a red exclamation mark reminder. Transactions recognized needs through two windows, a second window is locked window, can not be replaced. End of 2007, some system update, the transaction amount is greatly benefit limits.

The Grand Exchange is the game open in late 2007 the autonomous trading system, members and non-members can be used, with emphasis on its connectivity with all servers, and the people you can do business. This system is similar to stock trading rubbing system, buyers and sellers need to meet, all transactions are done automatically. Once the transaction, can not go back. Commodity prices fluctuate with the market, buyers than sellers will automatically price, and the seller more than the buyer is automatically dropped.


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