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The update of the technology tree

To unlock a host of new devices in a new technology tree update. To accomplish the task of the invention and discovery of new dwarf turret, sneaking demon hunting traps and so on. At the same time, check in Solomon store magical Griffin, mini animal inspired season to gear.

The update of Buy RS Gold the technology tree of the elves and the dwarfs.

Requirements:  these two technical trees are unlocked at the 40 level of the invention. And then you'll have to follow the drorkar on their own dwarf technology or oldak at his own fairy. Alignment provides faster progress, but you can still open the device to other tech trees.

Dwarfs and goblins of Buy Runescape Gold the rise and progress of the tech tree, by completing the task through the new bulletin board, came to the fore in the invention association have mushroomed, keldagrim palace of a furnace chamber and oldak laboratory dorgesh Kahn.

Welcome to the arc for mmors
The invention of the preparation of the promotion
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