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The world of the Runescape



RuneScape world called Gielinor, was first a blank, the balance and nature of God Guthix change Made, the breeding of all things. And later went through four centuries, the game is now the fifth century. Misthalin by the Meath Tallinn , Asgarnia, Kandarin and Morytania andother countries and regions components.




Map Top right corner of the map to see the Runescape radar near open, there are a variety of large and small cities, various shops, burrow, place of work, the color is very bright Brlliant, very beautiful. Small logo on the map can be seen legend. Legend in the lower left corner "?" Seen at the English level of the average person can understand. You can also drag the map around, under the option where you can see the hole in the ground and other selective small map.








Their names can be seen in the map.


City: From Lumbridge to Tree gnome's stronghold.


Cities: Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, Catherby, Seer's Village etc..








Wild non-member cities outside the norther Wilderness, color is black, very dangerous, where players can PK there, like the Battle of the people out there called PKers. Once you hit someone else's head appears a skull, this case is dead lose all items. There are some centralized monster, Level from 28 - 122. A hole in the ground there are many ghost (Level 7-126 range) is characterized by the specter of blood more easily back to the blood. But killing monsters get much more RS Gold, there are some rare items. Kill the ghost sometimes a good reward. Skip to enter the field as long as the north wall of the city's most bad The wall. Just enter is green, followed by more and more black. Players can battle with the monster levels and their combat level difference of the time of death level monsters. If the death level higher than your level when you die battle, then you will lose everything off the backpack.


The bot of runescape
Runescape Dungeoneering Methods
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