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Tips About Death in Runescape

Dear Runescape players, when you play the game, have you encountered some special situation, like death? When you're dead - as long as you are not in the wilderness or in the security area - develop any of the following:

Project by death store now, when you die. He will take care of their 24 hours of game time. This can be in multiple log, so the disconnect is no longer a danger. You will be reborn in his office. You will be able to claim back your project in exchange for coins, through sacrifice project qualification coins of losing its value, or a combination of both, using the new interface. Which would reduce death, will not do this, if the storage recovery from death, as punishment, now reflected in the repurchase mechanic.

If you choose not to immediately from the death of recycle, when you leave his office your tombstone will produce. Tombstone timer has been reduced, but this will allow you to use recycle your habit of degradation, the mechanism of death.

If you choose to try to go back to your grave and do not let it, the god of death will take your project. You can return to death in the 24 hours of game time, if you want to ask you some projects to come. Want to know, though, dying will again be wiped storage project - have you been in the death of the only items you carry store. Please note that saved in death still apply project, the existing mechanism. This includes keeping additional project and prayers, divination, and a similar effect, including reduced to be skulled or in the danger zone. When you're dead can't pick up other players items with you. In the wilderness, or in the field of security, without the application of the above. Under the condition of PvP death mechanism is the same, because they have been, in addition to a stack of project now is considered in order to protect the project of a single project.

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