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To tell you how to use prayer in Runescape

You've achieved the corresponding level, the corresponding abilities will wish in the prayer selection into shade. You simply just click those abilities even open the expertise, the expertise selection symbol will be yellow-colored protect, that you've allowed, will also be subtracted from the prayer in RS 3 Gold.

For example at the starting of your 16/16 has been used not to close to the end will become 0/16, then you will not be able to use the abilities, must go to the cathedral or other local ceremony included the expertise factors (logo is a white candlestick), this expertise will complete you can continue to use. Get into the prayer Partnership (Prayer Guild) needs 31 prayer, in which ceremony will your expertise factors and two full reward expertise factors.

Upgrading method is very simple, do the process and hidden the navicular bone fragments.

The navicular bone fragments of 4.5 Monster: moreover to the massive outside the creatures and spirits and creatures.Wolf navicular bone fragments 4.5. Monster: the wolfBurnt navicular bone fragments 4.5 no monster.The goof head goof Monster: 5.Big navicular bone fragments 15: various massive monsters.

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