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Top web page game Of Europe RuneScape 3 will land IOS this autumn

Generally speaking, web games always gives us the feeling of minor or shoddy, but Jagex RuneScape which is from the UK's largest independent developer has its own strength to break the preconceived notions, this scale of the web page game which can buy rs gold in the game is second  in the world only less than World of Warcraft since inception in 2001, and even get "the most popular MMORPG game record for the Guinness certification. After 13 years, the series has been launched to the third generation RuneScape, exciting developers announced  will be ported to iOS mobile platformat the beginning of the year, recently, the Official Website has also officially confirmed the game was added to their plan time.

    Forbes magazine recently accepted an interview, the Jagex company Chief Executive Officer Mark Gerhard and chief designer Mark Ogilvie confirmed "RuneScape" mobile platform version was added to their schedule, both of them said emerging devices such as smart phones and tablet games ecosystem the backbone of traditional equipment in many ways closely linked, which is a prerequisite for porting the game. In addition to the mobile platform, Mark Gerhard said the future of the family also plans to visit the intelligent TV.Chief designer Mark Ogilvie has brought some of the game's new intelligence allegedly "RuneScape" is different from its predecessor, will use HTML5 and Web GL framework to build which will bring the game finer quality, more interface customization features and more intelligent perspective.

    "RuneScape 3" browser version is scheduled for this summer to upgrade the package form online, mobile platform version was added to their schedul on time compared to this fall.At last hope each play will get good item and much rs 3 gold in that time.

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