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Treasure Hunter advanced pulse core

Best place to buy Runescape Gold here.Get extra bonus XP and XP fast stacked lovers treasure hunters this weekend and advanced pulse core - is greater than ever, better, more direct benefits to you!

Once your advanced pulse kernel stack is equipped in your pocket slots, each core acts like a chunk of additional speed bonus XP - which means + 150% XP for any skill of your training until exhausted.

When a core is depleted, it set off a pulse, give you and everyone in the 2% XP upgrade the surrounding area for 10 minutes, plus additional benefits, such as supplementary prayer or life points or upgrade to a few statistical skills.

This can stack up to five times, for a maximum of 10% XP boost, and each player will update the impact pulse duration of 10 minutes.

Please note:

1, advanced pulse core has an option can be turned off you do not want to train skills.

2, you no longer need to receive assistance it receives from other players enthusiasts.

3, advanced pulse core work, but also in the dungeon.

4, triathlon account can not receive enthusiasts.

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