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Treasure hunter Valentine Day 2016

Nestle up at home to put our Valentine's Day activities and delicious things in February of this year!

From 00:00 UTC on February 11 to February 15, 2012, you can through the treasure collected the petals of Valentine's day, skilling and killing, and the daily challenges.

Just click on your stock petals to open the Valentine's day storage interface. There, you can get a reward for this year's Valentine's Day event, and 2015 and 2014 of Valentine's day.

If you run low on the petals of a Valentine's day, try to find our hidden Easter eggs! There are 2 find that they will reward you with an extra 25 petals.

The charm of the scepter is the main attraction this year's Valentine's day activities! Fuel workers of the 200 petals to charge it, then hit the ground for 4% XP boost and 24 hours of life a bit of excitement. Any player in the vicinity of the player, when the employee is activated will receive 2% of the XP to accelerate and promote a healthy 2 hours of the fire.

Note: these improvements will not stack. If the game player is affected by 2% XP stimulated and activated his scepter, they will get 4% XP acceleration. The magic wand can be activated only once a day. No Normal fire boost does not stack this healthy boost.

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