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Treasure hunter armor for mmors

Look for the sun flares this week and use them to create a set of hot and beautiful, scalable makeup for a furious armor set, complete with a cloak and a shield.

Using UTC 23:59 from Thursday September 29th to Monday October 3rd UTC 00:00 pick up the sun and flare your treasure hunter's key. Click on your inventory to make the rage of the set of accessories. You can get an extra solar flare by training divination.

Upgrade your armor

It is already bright and beautiful, but it may be bright! When you wear it, give it some extra shine to the training prayer.

To speed up the upgrade process by adding gems to the wishes of the armor. These can be created by converting solar flares through right click options.

It will take 35000 points to upgrade it. In 5 minutes of prayer he was wearing at least one of the days of anger a to earn you 50 points, and the desire of each jewel in your inventory consumption will give you 500 points.

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