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Treasure hunter dwarf Tools

Dwarf tools to treasure hunter! Improving job training or gathered in fishing, mining and logging with these clever implementation.
Click on these, you can change a dwarf fish extractor, dwarf or dwarf ramhammers chainaxes. With another click, you can become a viable tool, while sitting in your inventory and Tang Siqi Lin:

Double XP and no production, or double the production and no XP. You can switch your tools let you benefit at any time. Note that the double XP mode stack and bonus XP!

Tools Skilling or collect the same rate as the highest level, you can equip the type - whether you own tools. Use them a unique Skilling animation. Inactive tools stackable, each representative of one hundred charge your dwarf tool. Once you have your work tools, you can add more accused them inactive for more tools.

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Aquarium update the player has a house
Obtained in the game
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