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Treasure hunter elves return

Karima returns this weekend treasure hunter, and continue to bless players with extra bonus coins and XP!

Treasure hunters from the use of chest 00:00 UTC Open in July and 9 日 23:59 (UTC) on July 13 fell give you any star or lamps Karima elves appear and give you a blessing wishes opportunities.

If you are using Karima light or star appears, she will give you the following blessings choose between:

Blessing of Freedom - Select this option to get bonus XP skills of your choice.

Blessing of fate - this blessing wins give you this ability to select the option bonus XP, but the bonus reward will be double blessing to use free will, given bonuses. (Gao Fu probability is lower than 99 in any skill)

Wealth blessing - Select this blessing and Karima will shower your gold!

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