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Treasure hunter is arc

Voyage to treasure hunter from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC in September 12th September 8th and navigate your way in the wushanko islands to Buy RS Gold unlock awesome prizes including the new 70 layer composite, a high Peninsula and its corresponding three weapons (including a dreamy, long distance, melee halberd).

In this promotion, you will plan a series of special maps on the wushanko islands, pick up the treasures of the hunter's stuff you go!

Graphic example

Access to the eight map of each island to Buy Runescape Gold complete the "sailing" and claims of a piece of peninsula equipment high a. As soon as you get back to the start, the head closes with more pieces and the treasure hunter awards!

The completion of the eight "sailing" will net you all the blocks of the peninsula, three weapons high armor, breastplate, and weapons can enhance leggings.

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