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Treasure hunter of bean sprouts

Play a short period of time every day for you to unlock the two sets of wings to unlock the theme of the theme of the wings, zombies Meng pet breeding or XP. Use your treasure hunter's key to grab the magic spray, you can take some time each day, while improving your progress, those sweet and weird rewards!

How to Buy RS Gold participate and reward

The first thing you will notice is the epic battle between the two armies, each of which is presided over by a super sized bud.

To promote the growth of healthy soybean sprouts to get the XP of agriculture and to help unlock the flowering of the wings.

Help to spread the impact of the big zombie infection to earn XP and promote the opening of the rotten wings.

When you open the two set of wings (accessible from the wardrobe interface) you also unlock awesome zombie bud companion pets.

Every 15 minutes, around the world there will be a small group of bean sprouts. With these more experience gains.

Fatigue and treasure hunter

Every day you can help you choose the bud is free, but will produce fatigue and do so.

If you get the maximum fatigue every day you will get a good XP and enough progress to earn one of the wings set.

If you want to play longer, and drive all the activities of the reward, use your key to get the magic plant spray through the treasure hunter.

Magic spray will speed up your XP's earnings, and you choose the budding, so you have the opportunity to get more rewards for Buy Runescape Gold progress. It can also send you a place where more sprouts have been germinated, and can be used to check the progress of your personal events and the germination of the army at present.

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