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Treasure hunter to build a beach

From August 11th UTC 00:00, the treasure hunter filled the beach with plenty of Buy RS Gold stuff to prepare you for the next week's Beach release.

Please note: this will last until Monday's update, so act quickly to make most of the beach build!

There are also daily activities in the game to help the beach prepare the final party in the sun, and get a reward while you are in it. The head of Lumbridge and now speak to Reina pit.

The mysterious box and a new parasol

The mysterious box came back, this time they were packed with Buy Runescape Gold umbrellas, cocktail bottles and other beach sweets.

Provide 20 buckets of sand pit Lumbridge Reina get a normal sized mystery box. Do this every day, and you'll get an extra large Mystery Box, which can also be rewarded from the treasure hunter.

Runefest reveals that the tickets are still available
Wilderness improvement and task set
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