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Treasure hunter to celebrate the fire

Keep us away from Buy RS Gold the cold and the celebration of autumn and autumn. To Lumbridge pit to enhance your fire and other skills, including the call and the building for the first time of the event.

Continue your gains with the project won through the treasure hunter, and pick up some of the various characters that are free from hanging around the crater.

How to play

Fire image 1 celebration

With Qian La, Emmet, Chad, Eve in the Lumbridge pit some free items.

The use of direct from your inventory increases the XP in the light of a fire with a quick, positive build or summon.

All of these items can be earned by the hunter!

Fire image 2 celebration

In addition, a huge bonfire interaction to obtain additional income by burning wood or cremated bones:

+ 25% XP Firemaking acceleration.

The same fire XP (no XP prayer cremation brazier).

It always acts as if the five people are using the XP boost for the purpose of.

Opportunity to Buy Runescape Gold save the log (including the ever-changing included) when burning.

Fire image 3 celebration

Ironman players can claim free POI solution, wood and stone, and use them. This will show the animation, but the award is not XP. The Ironman game player can use fire, but do not get the benefits.

One month ahead of schedule
Hunter Bounty delay
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