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Treasure hunters walk like zombies zombie

Walk like UTC 23:59 from 00:00 time October 27th until October 31st UTC zombie.

Get in the game and Buy RS Gold open the treasure hunter or talk to Diango, if you are a man received your zombie task card.

Undertake the task of the card, and completed the line and column to unlock the end of the display of the prizes. Complete all the tasks on the card in order to get extra prizes that will really have you like a zombie.

The event will continue until Monday, October 31st UTC 23:59.


The treasure hunter is on hand to help you skip any tasks that you don't like. Use your key and look for stamps, which can be used as a convenient bypass.

Stamps are also made by the National People's Congress of the so-called zrik who will be in different locations around the world.

Talk to him in your inventory of the zombie card crossed off his task and get free and medium XP lamp two stamps (unless you are a man, of course).

You can do this with Buy Runescape Gold a completed card.

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