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Unique prizes for mmors

Roll up, roll up - the unique prizes from the draw barrel of RS Gold Balthazar can!

Log every day, collecting tickets some unique rewards - including gold Barrows armor. Collecting rummage token for a big blowout at the end.

Also, if your custom cosmetic fans, rejoice - we have increased the souvenir is limited to 30.

The whole of September, you can also get a clearance to mmors pay token every 5 votes (cumulative - not necessarily all at once). You can use these from October 1, when Balthazar cheap barrel blowout begins.

Their - in October any time - you will pass Balthazar cheap barrel, which can produce gold, skills of resources, small changing packaging, D & D reset token, the prismatic lamp, or the highly coveted gold Akrisae Barros group arrive rifle.

The token can also get you a clown installed - as a sport is Carrey himself. There are five equipment to collect.

mmors tell you about Town wildcard
How to Play Balthazar Raffle for mmors
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