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Vampropaganda game for MMORS

We got our teeth all things vampire lord Vampyrium released this week!

There is something for mmors everyone, so please continue to read, discover and learn more about all the exciting things about, you can participate in this week.

Know your team. Know your place.

In this war, we can only have a leader, but his side who would you support?

We hope that you can create posters to support Ms. Ren He Vanescula or main Drakan around you. Get creative, keep it clean and make it convincing! Why should we join you?

Winners will receive a new concept contract work, formal Runescape Gold regressed shirt of their choice to buy the store from the phone (not including new step up T-shirt) and 5 bond! Competition closed on Sunday September 20, 2015 at midnight.

Mmors introduce about vampires riddle
How to Get Starfury Armour for mmors
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