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Vampyre Hunter Outfit and Amulet

The treasure hunter is hosting this week 's theme. Vampire hunters unlock weapons equipped with debris, cover, and special charms with as many as four delicious effects. Read for details!

00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC * in April 25th April 21st, to hunt, and get your hands in the wild vampire fangs. They are 80160 and 320 of the packages that will be collected in your new money bag. The bag saves your inventory space as a new deposit, all future fortune hunters currency, so make it a good use of it!

You can also get through the wild vampire in the following activities of canine morytania:

Daily challenge (25 fangs)

Kill morytania skills / (10 fangs)

Skills / kill morytania (5 fangs)

Open the car's chest (2 fangs)

Won the temple hiking red marker (4 fangs)

Won the Yellow Temple hiking token (3 fangs)

Won the blue Temple hiking token (2 fangs)

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Vampyre Hunter Outfit and Amulet Reward and unlock
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