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Victor traders return

Everyone likes the bonus XP businessman back to Burthorpe, ready to talk business.

Until the next update in January 16th, you can use Vic to exchange your unnecessary extra credits for XP, which can be taken from his store items.

As well as a number of Buy RS Gold price adjustments, the main will note the following changes to the Vic's store:

Invention bonus XP is now available for sale

Master of camouflage piece has been added to the 'special equipment' label

Grotesque armor and soul gems have been added to 'other' labels

The price of all special clothes has gone up by 50

Skill training dummy box can now buy

The second installment of the killer mask has been added to the store

Next to the dummy Vick has been updated with the latest fashion

Vick will be in the next update XP to Buy Runescape Gold stop the transaction bonuses, but he will stick in a week (until twenty-third update) so you can access their own storage and use any outstanding credits.

Meteor storm can reach 100
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