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Vote for eastern lands content

One year later this year, we will bring you a new game area in the east of the land: a survey by the power of your choice in a player's power. This field will be designed by you, and filled with your thoughts.

So the next step is to choose what you're going to do there! Do you want to do a quest to participate in sailing activities, or to expand the port to RS Gold the player owned? Don't be limited to these ideas: the real choice is yours.

Submit your ideas to the runelabs home page. Here, you will see a section called the current standard". Recommended to complete the standard, or the rise of the idea that really make you excited!

You have the contents of mmors the recommendations and voting in February 15th. Then, the top of the proposal will be transferred to a player's power investigation, where the winner will be identified. We can't wait to go to work, so hurry up and do it!

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