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Ways to Collect Skilling Outfits

    Formerly, some ways to collect skilling outfits can be seen on Treasure Hunter. Now there are more ways of collecting the skilling outfits. More information is on where you can buy cheap RS gold.

    Full details are as follows.

    Collection of skilling outfits can be expanded by playing particular mini-games or D&Ds. Some will be random drops while others will need to be bought from the reward shop. The outfits and their corresponding mini-games are as follows:

 Crafting: Stealing creation-bought from reward shop

 Smithing:  Artisans' Workshop – Random chance when successfully smithing ceremonial swords

 Herblore: Flash Powder Factory –bought from reward shop

 Farming: Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza – bought from reward shop

 Fletching: Stealing Creation – bought from reward shop

 Agility: The Pit – random chance on completion  (successful or not)

    What’s more, the update also makes some change to the game’s chatbox. Now, Players have the option to add the most used options to the chatbox, making them easier to access.

    Chat is the main source of communication among players in RuneScape. The default location of the chat interface is in the bottom left of the game window. It has a variety of chat and game messages in the message box and displays a series of buttons to control what is displayed in the message box. Besides, there are several tabs to switch to, and these tabs display the contents of all messages received, or only those from one chosen type; Friends Chat, Private Messages, Clan Chat or Guest Clan Chat.

    The chat box is one part of the chat interface located in the bottom left of the game window under the chat interface buttons. It displays chat and game messages

    Now, the chatbox has two modes, switchable by clicking the new cog icon in the chat interface and selecting 'switch mode'.

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