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Weapons and Armor in Runescape

Before you can start forging your weapons and armor, you must first extract the minerals, either you need, or buy them from other players with rs gold. Buy ores or bars other players can be faster than mine, but it can be very expensive. To make a metal bar, you must have the right amount of minerals, metals and most require another type of ore to a bar. For a complete list, consult the table Smelting. Each item you will need a different number of bars Smith, and this info can be found in Table Metallurgy for specific metal.

These drinks can be purchased useful in the Rising Sun bar in Falador for 3gp per drink. They will raise your levels Metallurgy and Mining 1 point for a limited amount of time, allowing you to smith objects a level higher than your actual level . As a reward for the story of a dwarf quest, you will get 2 Mature Stouts dwarfs that will increase your mining and blacksmithing by two levels, not just the ordinary level 1. When brewing beer there is a chance that he became an adult and give additional bonuses.

To make it more likely he is ready, you can add "The Right Stuff" which is something you can buy as a reward for mayhem. Now that you have all your ores together, you should smelt the bars so you can make weapons and armor from them. Just bring the ores in a furnace, and choose the 'Smelt' option from right click menu. You will be able to choose the type of bar to make, and the number of bars to smelt. By default, you will create the maximum number of metal bars using the minerals available in the way you smelt inventory.Another all your metal bars is to cast the spell on ores Point overheating. This of course requires 4 Fire Runes and 1 Nature Rune, but it can be much faster than walking into an oven to melt your metal bars and rs3 gold. If you smelt iron ore with the Magic, all ores are melted. Metal bars with your hand, it is time to make armor, right? Not quite. You first need a hammer to work with the metal, and you can buy one from any local general store. Now you can start forging items by finding an anvil and the use of a metal bar with her.

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