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Welcome to the arc for mmors

I'm a product owner of Buy RS Gold the Department of defense. As I write this article, we have recently released a stream of blood. We have been completely immersed in the morytania night, in the past few months, we really need a holiday, it is better to be in a sunny, hot.

I can think of there is no better place than the east of the land!

This project starts with you, through runelabs. A lot of ideas submitted earlier this year to the player's ability to vote and to be honest - we all think menaphos or underwater city will be a clear winner. However, these islands have won the victory, we are very surprised, but also very excited. Such a choice requires a very different approach from our team - and a new challenge.

The two most recent projects - our vampyrium and Blood River - the Lord has a story driven, and - sensitive - spoiler. Fortunately, this means that we can be more open with all of your updates, and we can't wait to share it with you!

So this will be the first of Buy Runescape Gold several development blogs from the guardian team, and we will tell you that we are studying how to shape the land in the East.

Runescape of the Dungeon of Death Part Two
The update of the technology tree
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