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What Lies Below Old School Runescape Quest

The What Lies Beneath adventure is an Old School Runescape adventure in the Runecrafting adventure alternation with as adversity intermediate. This is a associates alone adventure that got appear on the 27th of March in 2017. You can alpha the What Lies Beneath adventure by talking to Rat Burgiss in Varrock.

The adventure is about a travelling banker that has been abandoned south of Varrock afterwards his barrow was attacked by outlaws. You'll charge to advice him balance his absent abstracts that the outlaws stole. That's not all, The Varrock Palace Secret Guard are on the aisle of affairs with the Monks of Zamorak. You'll advice the Varrock Palace Secret Guard and acquisition out what lies below.

Requirements, you charge at atomic akin 35 Runecrafting, 42 Mining in adjustment to use the adjustment to the Anarchy chantry (unless if you're application the Abyss), achievement of the Rune Mysteries adventure and you charge to be able to annihilate a akin 47 enemy.

You'll aswell charge a brace of items: you charge a bowl, a brownish pickaxe, brownish metal which can be acquired during the quest, 15 anarchy runes, and a anarchy amulet or tiara, but if you accept admission to the Abyss you do not charge the amulet or tiara, and brownish metal. It's recommended to accompany a account or action armlet for teleports to South Varrock. Accompany some Varrock teleports with you as able-bodied forth with an axe to use a canoe.

Enemies you charge to defeat, During the What Lies Beneath adventure you'll charge to defeat a brace of enemies. These enemies are not actual difficult to annihilate and with some appropriate stats this can be done actual easily.

You charge to annihilate a absolute of 5 outlaws so you can admission rat's affidavit from again that you'll use to actualize the abounding folder. They abrasion a animate scimitar and accept a action akin of 32 with 20 hitpoints and accept a max hit of 3. Their advance appearance is Melee (Crush) and they're anemic to magic.

You aswell charge to annihilate King Roald, during the quest, King Roald will abatement beneath a apperception ascendancy spell casting by Surok Magic, and he'll be affected to action you. King Roald has a action akin of 42 and is allowed to accident from the Vengeance spell, poison, and backfire rings. If King Roald alcove aught hitpoints, you charge to arouse Zaff in adjustment to defeat him.

Rewards and unlocks, on achievement of the What Lies Beneath quests you'll get some rewards and unlocks. You'll accept 1 adventure point, 8000 Runecrafting experience, 2000 Defence experience and some Runescape gold . You'll aswell accept a alarm ring, which is basically a chargeless another to the Seer's ring, although with abundant lower abracadabra advance stats. You can consistently get this ring aback for chargeless if you lose it. Finally, you'll aswell alleviate a adjustment to the anarchy chantry and alleviate admission to the battlestaves in Zaff's Superior Staffs, which is a agents boutique amid in axial Varrock.

The adjustment to the anarchy chantry can be actual advantageous so you don't accept to biking through the wilderness. You can acquisition the adjustment of the anarchy chantry just arctic east of Varrock, on a atom area acclimated to be a brownish with surroundings, the ambience are now gone. Next to the brownish is Anna Jones, if you allocution to her you'll accept a brownish pickaxe that you can use to aces a aperture in the brownish that you'll be able to use as tunnel.

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