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What is invention all about

Remove the project and test its composition material of the invention platform training skills. This is the core of the invention found more and more special treatment and add them to your project and create new gielinor exploration through skill and combat.

When you use the enhanced gear, it will produce its own XP, flat on its own right. You will find this to be useful, because you have more discoveries and the invention of the train further.

When your level of skill, you can be divided into professional, to determine which type of technology, you must first learn. Will you take the dwarf invention, or goblin technology department complaint volatile design more feelings for you? It depends on you!

It is also a skill that is about finding good. No jealousy, adventurer with impressive thigh armor? Now you can make your own better leg armor, rotating gears and flashing lights and some strange side effects that you can't put on your fingers.

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