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Why we need do some confirmation about your order

When you placed an order,the order will be processed in our business system,our business system will calculate a result according to the information that you filled, this course only cost about one second at most,then our business system will show us your order information,like how much amount did you buy,how much money did you paid and your character name, paypal fee(you don't need care about it) etc,coz we make coopration with paypal company,the paypal provide their interface program to us,so we can see your some paypal information,like paid name ,paid email adress and your paypal registered address.when i writed here,may be you will have a question,as we get so much information,your runescape account and your paypal account are still safe? Plz relax,we only get your runescape character name without any other info like your password ,security issue etc.why we need your character name,because we need make sure who will we trade to and give rs gold. then , talk about your paypal account security,Don't you  think paypal will provide us info that harm your paypal account security issues, if that paypal is stupid , as you know,paypal is a very safe site you don't need worry about your info that filled in the order table when you are making an order.

Now let's talk about step for confirmation,many of our customers ask us why we don't give them rs gold directly but need do some confirmation when they made the order completed,now i will answer you when the order was placed,how you could do and what we will do.when your order was showed in our system,you'd better visit our live chat to get more help about your order, our customer service will answer  your questions about your order and do some confirmation, like sending your a verify email to your paid email adress(the verify email maybe in your paid email inbox or spam folder),in the email we would ask you some questions about your order info, you can easy to answer them if you are the paid card owner, then maybe we need give you a call to confirm again. most of time,we need you send us a photo of your last 4 paid card digitals and your driver's license or your ID card when  you buy rs gold from us first time.we could make a backup for the photo, so if you purchase again ,we will check the record and give you gold faster than last time.  Please be assured ,all of your info is extremely secure, we won't share your information any way, we are legit company, all of confirmation that we do are wanna make sure you are the card owner and don't wanna lose our money and card owner's money.we didn't do these before,the result is we lost much money.there have many scammers, we have to do this,i think you could understand our hardship.

If the verify is completed and successful , we will give you gold within 5mins,okay At last , hope every one have a good day and enjoy your game time. thanks for your reading .

Yours Mmors.


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