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Wilderness improvement and task set

Novice and veteran wilderness must go for a walk in the wild. The level of players from the stealable killer contract and the new skills point of Buy RS Gold the task set, there is more reason to lose yourself in the wild, in the process to get a greater return.

Be sure to check all the improvements and features, as well as with the usual patch notes and other news.

Task set in the wild

The wilderness is a scary place for a new RuneScape player but due to a new set of tasks, there is now a structured way to get your first steps into these dangerous and fruitful lands.

Experienced players will also have loads in order to get the task of playing the game, not the least of the powerful wilderness sword detail of the reward section below.

For convenience, the task can be done in any order, but you can't ask a set of Buy Runescape Gold rewards until you have completed it and all the previous tasks.

Treasure hunter to build a beach
Summer Sizzler for
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