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Win 250 million gold gauze loaded boss

Together we hit the 250 million epic milestone to Buy RS Gold create the game account! In order to celebrate, any player can log in to the daily draw for 250 million gold - see the details below.

This week, check the impact of the latest improvements to the combat Committee on a number of issues that are based on your feedback. Please read in gauze clothes, arrived in the store to see Solomon.

250 million gold draw, a new winner, every day of the week!

Now we have hit 250 million to create the account, which is the time for some gold gifts.

A RuneScape player that every day of the week (Monday September 12th to Sunday September 18th included) will be selected to receive 200 million 5 thousand gold!

Simply sign in on a given day and enter your lucky draw.

The painting is a free agent and a member of RuneScape. To be qualified, your account must be created by Monday, September 12, 2016. The iron man can not account.

To check if you have won, please pay attention to our social media channels twitter + Facebook and your inbox in the game.

The winners will be notified a day after they have won.

Please note that due to the Jagex's working hours, the winners will not be notified until Monday, September 19th and Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and.

Log in and enter the best chance of winning this amazing game every day. Good luck and thank you for your help ".

Changes in combat - to prevent the boss from running and defense of the debuff into the boss

Some of the changes this week have been made by the combat Committee, the impact of the enjoyment of the game and a lot of BOSS war.

First of all, we have removed some of the original anti walking solutions for some of the boss implementation, rather than that we have replaced a better baseline solution. Some of the boss's intention to walk in the difficult, and now we have a more complete system.

Secondly, we reduce the effectiveness of Buy Runescape Gold some defense debuffing projects.

For detailed information on these changes and a place to leave any feedback, you have to see the developer's blog at the forum.

Treasure hunter is harvest festival
BTS 2016 account 250 million account
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