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Win a life sized shield of arrav

In order to Buy RS Gold celebrate 15 years of history, we have an incredible life sized arena this month winning too much, shield arrav. (Don't worry, you don't have to exchange things with a friend)! How you can win this awesome prizes will be displayed in the gameblast stream (12:00 UTC time on Friday February 26th the start of the game) in RuneScape Channel - so don't miss it! We look at the size of the shield was a taster of life for you if you want to win. good luck Join our convulsions from noon on Friday for all the fun.

The train back to you more XP from the 00:00 UTC 23:59 UTC February 25th to February 29th.

Only in the next five days, treasure hunters will be packed with project give XP or improve your experience value, including: token of prism shaped lights, star of mmors the prism, training dummy box, dungeons, SilverHawk feathers, ever-changing package, advanced nuclear pulse, portable technology station, equipped with the skills, spirit of agate

Save up, ready for a full XP gain double XP weekend. DXP gameblast16 12:00 UTC in the beginning of the weekend on Friday twenty-sixth!

Behind the scenes march 2016 I
Gameblast16 charity auction
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